Freedom Survival 1.16.2 Update

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Hey All,

I'm now happy to announce that we are ready to start plans to update to 1.16.2. I have been busy making sure things are tested and working. I am planning to commence the update on Friday 4th September. The Server will be unavailable from 1pm EST (6pm GMT) till about 5pm EST (10pm GMT).

We have some changes happening in this update. Some are good, some are due to things beyond my control. Lets start with the things beyond my control:
  • Due to the plugin we use to do the random vote crate rewards, because this hasn't been updated to be compatible to 1.16.2 and I have no time-frame on when it will be. I will have to remove the crates option for now. This may come back at a later date. This means that everyone will have to use all the crate keys before the update. Vote points are not affected so these are absolutely fine. However, you wont lose the opportunity to get extra rewards when you vote so the additional items will be included when you vote. The 5 day streak...

Surprise 1.15.2 Update

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Hi All,

I decided to spring a surprise on you all. I've updated the Server to 1.15.2. This was mainly a bug fixing update from 1.14.4 but with the new addition of BEES. So I guess its more of a "buzzing" update (yeah, that's the best pun I can do).

I have also expanded the borders of the worlds to:

Overworld to a 25,000 radius (12,500 in all directions from Spawn)
Nether to 12,000 radius (6,000 in all directions from Nether Spawn)
The End to 15,000 radius (7,500 in all directions from the End Portal)

The Nether wasn't expanded as much because this is also to confirm that when 1.16 is released (The Nether Update) The Nether WILL be reset to accommodate the new features that are coming with that update.

A couple of new features that I will be adding in the new coming days are as follows:
  • You will be able to re-spawn the Ender Dragon yourself. You will also be able to destroy the Ender Crystals on the towers as well. This is in final testing and hope to implement this...

Re-Claiming Donation Heads For Overlord, Sovereign & Loki

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Hey All,

I have uploaded the previous 12 months of donation heads on the store. These are the free ones that come with either your Overlord, Sovereign or Loki Ranks.

Please Note: You MUST make sure that your inventory is EMPTY before claiming them. We WILL NOT replace any heads from these if you claim them and dont have the space available. The July and August ones can be found in the normal location under the Ranks tab. These will be available till Midnight BST (UK Time) on 2nd September 2019. After this, the new September Heads will then be released.

Many Thanks


1.14 Update/Reset

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Hey All,

This is the announcement you've all been waiting for. I can now say that the server will be updating to 1.14 on Friday 19th. All the times given are based on my timezone (BST). The plan is to carry this out at 12pm (Midday) and I aim to have it completed in a few hours.

As you know, the server will be resetting for 1.14, so to help with this, we are allowing you to take 2 shulker boxes per account, full of items you want to keep. However, players are not allowed to create alt accounts with the intention of trying to claim another 2 shulker boxes. Any player found to be creating an alt for this purpose will end up losing all their items from their main account as well. This does include you donating on that alt to try to bypass this. Also, any new players who joined after the 8th July, will not be able to take items with you. You will still be able to claim the voting/donation rewards though.

There are restrictions on what you can take with you. The following are not...

Freedom Survival New Forums

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Hi Everyone!!

Welcome to our new Freedom Survival Forums!!

We've upgraded to a newer system and this will now be used. I will be closing the previous forums and move some posts over to here.

Many Thanks

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