Freedom Survival 1.16.2 Update


Hey All,

I'm now happy to announce that we are ready to start plans to update to 1.16.2. I have been busy making sure things are tested and working. I am planning to commence the update on Friday 4th September. The Server will be unavailable from 1pm EST (6pm GMT) till about 5pm EST (10pm GMT).

We have some changes happening in this update. Some are good, some are due to things beyond my control. Lets start with the things beyond my control:
  • Due to the plugin we use to do the random vote crate rewards, because this hasn't been updated to be compatible to 1.16.2 and I have no time-frame on when it will be. I will have to remove the crates option for now. This may come back at a later date. This means that everyone will have to use all the crate keys before the update. Vote points are not affected so these are absolutely fine. However, you wont lose the opportunity to get extra rewards when you vote so the additional items will be included when you vote. The 5 day streak rewards will also be automatic as well. These chance rewards will be staying the same but we do plan to update them to include different items and new ones.
Now, the new additions/changes:
  • The Ender Dragon has had an upgrade. From now on, every time you spawn it in and is defeated, it will always drop a Dragon Head and a Dragon Egg. Plus the chance to drop a random item which does include Ancient Debris.
  • Spawn claims will no longer need to be requested. Any claims that are currently Admin ones will be removed. This means anyone can claim whatever they want to. All rules and expiration times on claims at spawn/warps will still apply and please only claim what you intend to use.
  • The Nether will be fully reset. Anyone with claims will have their claim-blocks returned to them automatically. You don't need to un-claim, but you do need to make sure you have recovered all your items. If you are having difficulty or unable to, message a mod with the details and location and we will sort out something for you.
  • The new Re-spawn Anchor will be set to behave (or as closely to) similar to how it works in Vanilla. This has been a really challenging task to achieve so there will probably be improvements to be made on it. Just please don't fully rely on it.
  • Beds will also behave as similar as possible as they do in Vanilla.
  • For the first time, The Nether roof will be accessible. This won't happen straight away as we are finalizing rules for it but we will have it available shortly (A few days after the update).
  • Those with ability to use color codes, with the addition of more colors available to use (Using #hex codes) you will be able to use all the colors available for any commands you're able to use them on. Example: Nicknames, In-Game Chat, Messages, etc
  • The Overworld will be expanded by another 5000 to a radius of 30,000.
  • The End will expanded from 6000 radius to 7,500. Elytra's will NOT be disabled on this expansion.
  • The Nether will be a radius of 10,000.
  • All of these are set from the world spawn location (Which is as close to 0,0 as possible
As always, many thanks for your continued support.


Hey, remember me? I love your server lol, I hate becoming into an adult in almost 3 years already xd...I love your server that much xD Hopefully I get my account soon and hopefully I am not that annoying whenever I‘m online xD lol Just kidding...Have a nice day!