Surprise 1.15.2 Update


Hi All,

I decided to spring a surprise on you all. I've updated the Server to 1.15.2. This was mainly a bug fixing update from 1.14.4 but with the new addition of BEES. So I guess its more of a "buzzing" update (yeah, that's the best pun I can do).

I have also expanded the borders of the worlds to:

Overworld to a 25,000 radius (12,500 in all directions from Spawn)
Nether to 12,000 radius (6,000 in all directions from Nether Spawn)
The End to 15,000 radius (7,500 in all directions from the End Portal)

The Nether wasn't expanded as much because this is also to confirm that when 1.16 is released (The Nether Update) The Nether WILL be reset to accommodate the new features that are coming with that update.

A couple of new features that I will be adding in the new coming days are as follows:
  • You will be able to re-spawn the Ender Dragon yourself. You will also be able to destroy the Ender Crystals on the towers as well. This is in final testing and hope to implement this on Friday afternoon/evening.
  • The Vote Points shop will be finally updated from your suggestions. I will be keeping it a secret what will be in there till Sunday.
  • Lastly (a few players asked about this) I will be setting up the ability for players that are Dedicated (Voting) and higher or Overlord (Donation) and higher to be able to edit armor stands. I am aiming for this to be setup for Sunday evening as well.
Finally, thank you all for continuing to play on the Server and supporting it by either voting or donating. It really is appreciated by me and the rest of the Staff Team.

Many Thanks